Right now could potentially be the most important part of the pandemic thus far when it comes to listening to the advice and recommendations of health officials, health experts, and the guidelines and protocol set forth by your city and province.

Now that bars, restaurants, hair salons, arenas, and all kinds of other facilities are opening up in different capacities around Canada, the onus is on us to follow the rules, and listen to the experts so that we don't have to experience and live through the "second wave" everyone has been so worried about.

If a store, restaurant, or your entire city has made masks mandatory, wear your mask. If you're limited to groups of two or four on the patio of your favourite restaurant, don't try to press your luck. If you're asked to wait outside before entering a store, do so respectfully.

When it comes to hockey, follow our recommendations for resuming the sport of recreational hockey wherever you can, but listen to what the officials in your city and province are saying as well, and only return to the game of hockey when it is deemed safe to do so, and in a manner that everyone involved is comfortable with.

I think we can all agree that we've one wave is way more than enough, and we're ready to move past this once and for all. Let's do this the right way, and we'll soon be celebrating the end of Covid-19 in Canada once and for all.