Given that we have all been away from the game of hockey, and sports and potentially physical activity in general for so long now, it's important that once you do return, you ease back into the game of hockey.

Hockey is an extremely demanding sport on many parts of your body, including your heart, and it's important to not jump back in and pretend it's the NHL All-Star Game out there.

Give your body a chance to acclimate once again to being back out on the ice, and maybe play at half speed your first few times back.

If you haven't been doing much in the way of physical activity in the last few months, which is totally understandable considering the times, we encourage you to get out there before you hit the ice if you can, to get your body back in shape for the game.

We always say that you should be staying in shape to play hockey, not playing hockey to stay in shape.

So do what you can now to make it easier on your body later. It'll thank you those mornings after a pick-up game when you aren't struggling to get your sore legs out of bed.