We are encouraged by what we've seen so far from our members in regards to a safe and successful return to hockey in our country.

While the game may look and feel slightly different for the foreseeable future and may include some new rules and protocol that throw off your pre-game routines or superstitions, the main thing is that we're on the ice, and we're doing so in a safe manner. 

We'd rather have hockey with new rules than no hockey at all, of course!

Some of you may be unable to play right now as per rules from your local or provincial government, or even from your local arenas, but we have every reason to believe the time is coming for you as well, and you'll be back on the ice before you know it.

We're in regular dialogue with our members and are hearing almost entirely good things from those that have returned so far, a very good sign that there is a proper way to do this.

If we all continue to play our part and follow the rules, both inside and outside of hockey, we'll be back to normal in no time.

Keep it up, everyone!