Hockey is a game filled with incredible feelings.

It's what keeps us going and makes us so excited to take the ice.

It's also what keeps people playing the game for life, because we just can't quit this great sport.

Here is CARHA Hockey's list of the top 10 best feelings in hockey!

  1. Scoring the big goal - there's simply nothing better. Being the reason your team was able to squeeze out a win and seeing your teammates rush to you from the bench to celebrate!
  2. Winning the big game - a similar feeling to scoring the big goal, however this is a team-wide feeling and is all about the comradery!
  3. Making the perfect pass - you can't always be the clutch goal scorer, sometimes you have to play point guard and give the puck up for one of your teammates to take the spotlight.
  4. Stepping onto a fresh sheet of ice - the smell of the rink as you step out of the dressing room towards the ice, and the zamboni finishing a fresh flood as you take that first step out towards an hour well spent.
  5. Making a goalie look silly - all eyes are on you and the goalie on a breakaway as both teams watch in anticipation; you pull out a risky move but it pays off in the best way possible!
  6. When the call goes your way - we all know how frustrating poor officiating can be; the flip side of that is the feeling when you think the referee made the right call, especially when it goes your way in an important moment.
  7. Shaking hands after a good, clean game - that feeling of respect and sportsmanship and everything that makes this coutry's game so great.
  8. The post-game locker room celebration - you walk from the ice to the locker room after a huge win and can already hear the music pumping through the hallway. The team is laughing, celebrating, and having a good time!
  9. Using new equipment for the first time - taking the ice with a new stick, new skates, or new gloves, and how you feel as though they could take your game to a whole new level.
  10. Improving - when you realize that in the same spot in a previous game,  you would have made a mistake or turned the puck over; but you learned, and you got better!

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