Ask adult recreational hockey players all across Canada the question, "what's your favourite thing about hockey", and you're going to hear an overwhelming amount of the same answer.

It's not the goals they score or the amazing passes they make. It's not the wins over their rival. It's not even about the league championships for a lot of people.

It's the friendship and the camaraderie.

Showing up to the rink every few days and getting to see the people that you wouldn't otherwise be able to see very often. Sharing laughs, stories, and updates on your respective lives.

Things change all throughout our lives - our jobs and houses, we have kids and get new pets - but one thing stays the same. You'll always have your hockey team and the squad that you get to play with for an hour every week.

People sometimes play together for several decades and there's nothing that can replicate the brotherhood or sisterhood that is your team.

Because when that final horn sounds and you begin your walk to the dressing room, it doesn't matter what the score of the game was. All that matters is who is beside you when you crack open that first beer.

So make friends in hockey, and stick by them. It's what makes this game so special in Canada!