Congratulations to the winners! Our first ODR contest was a huge success. Many thanks to all who shared their stories of rinks across Canada, giving us this great opportunity to recognize the awesome volunteers and community members who work incredibly hard to maintain these wonderful spots for everyone to enjoy! 

Three Grand Prize winners of a $1,000 assist towards their community ODR operating costs for the 2022-23 season:

  • Megan Haines who nominated Cordova Mines Community Rink and the volunteer team of Ray, Matt, Dave, and Kelvin (Ontario)
  • Pamela Aramburu who nominated Canyon Meadows Community Centre Rink (Alberta)
  • Mindy Mageau who nominated Wallace Outdoor Rink and volunteer Tim Boyd (Nova Scotia)


Two winners of a CARHA Hockey/iPlayHockey merchandise prize package:

  • Sean Devine who nominated Trend-Arlington Outdoor Rink, Ottawa (Ontario)
  • Jaime Helgason who nominated Northside Park Firemen's Outdoor Rink, Foam Lake (Saskatchewan)


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CARHA Hockey, alongside our partner iPlayHockey, launched the 'Keep the Game We Love Going ODR Contest' to celebrate the tradition of the ODR as well as the individuals that keep them going in our communities!