League Insurance

The following benefits are included in your CARHA Hockey membership, priced at $25 per player.
  • Insurance

Included in your CARHA Hockey Membership is $10 million Liability Protection and Sport Accident Coverage (in association with Lawrie Insurance Group) for all of your players.

  • League Website

Additionally, we give you the tools to create a league website that includes all of your statistics and is free of charge. Your website will be simple to set up, easy to update and will allow you to post your league schedule as well as stats! Take your league to the next level this season with a fully functional, interactive and free league website!

We also offer a paid, live statistics option if you're interested. Contact Scott Wilson for details.

  • Scheduling Services

We’ll also handle all of your league schedules and scheduling services for you, as well as provide you with game sheets for all of your games. Our scheduling application allows you to manage your ice times, see the breakdown of games and easily export your schedule.

As this is a league/team-based coverage, all players are required to be registered. The CARHA Hockey Membership Program is effective upon the commitment from the Organizer whether received verbally or otherwise. Claim forms may not be honoured for leagues and teams delinquent in administration with CARHA Hockey. Play must be within the adult recreational/oldtimer ranks, be non-contact and all players must wear CSA-approved helmets. All participants will be required to sign a COVID-19 related waiver.
  • Stats and Scoring 

CARHA Hockey is pleased to announce a new partnership with SportNinja! A stats and scoring platform that helps leagues streamline their processes and engage their users. This complimentary membership benefit is available to all CARHA Hockey leagues.  

Top Features of this service include: [video overview]

  • Official Mobile Scoring on any device available for download on Android and iOS
  • Online Web Interface to set up your rosters, schedules and manage your league
  • Pre-game Player Attendance feature to help coordinate team members
  • FREE Mobile App for Players to check Schedules, Statistics, and more
  • Advanced settings for Suspensions, Waivers, and Tournament Modes
  • Ability to LIVE Stream games through any mobile device in real-time!

To be onboarded with SportNinja today, or to receive a demonstration of the platform: Complete this Brief Form and they will reach out to you directly with next steps.

For all other requests, contact SportNinja at - support@sportninja.com.

Your insurance under CARHA Hockey (in association with Lawrie Insurance Group) has you covered for potential accidents that could happen while playing hockey. We are confident that this coverage is suitable for playing hockey, and that we’re providing it at the right price.

Our hockey insurance provides you with the following benefits:

  • $10 million in Liability Protection extended to all players, coaches, managers, trainers, and registered members of the executive
  • $10 Million Liability Insurance with Certificate of Insurance
  • Naming Additional Insured: Liability protection extends to the municipality, facility, and sponsors
  • Player on Player liability coverage 
  • On-ice accidental Medical, Dental, and Death benefits for each player – to view the insurance chart, click here.
  • Year-round coverage provided

It is required that all CARHA Hockey members sign the Adult Waiver form. Download the waiver in English or French.

Any individual that CARHA Hockey recognizes as a registered member in good standing has coverage when involved in a CARHA Hockey-approved event. An approved CARHA Hockey event/activity takes place at the direction and with the approval of the CARHA Hockey.

If your league is hosting a banquet, social, or tournament, make it a Molson Coors Event by participating in our special promo. Demonstrate your loyalty to Molson Coors products by remitting beer/bar receipts to CARHA Hockey, and you will be entered to win monthly Coors Light and Molson prizes!

Contact Kevin to learn more about the benefits of hosting a Molson Coors sanctioned event.

If you are hosting an event that requires special event insurance, CARHA Hockey can help you apply for this insurance, which is separate from your current membership insurance.

Here at CARHA Hockey, we believe that hockey doesn’t end in the winter. Hockey is our national sport and thus should be played year-round. We've got you covered if you plan on playing into the summer. CARHA Hockey's Membership Programs provide you with coverage from October 1 to September 30. If you plan on playing exclusively in the summer, you can also take advantage of our special summer rates.

If you have any questions about summer hockey or want to register, feel free to contact us at any time.

Reporting suspensions decrease the risk of liability issues, allows CARHA Hockey to serve as a support mechanism to leagues, and ensures up-to-date information is being documented.

Given the popularity of adult recreational hockey in Canada, the possibility exists that a player deemed ineligible due to suspension may choose a different league to participate in while suspended. This leaves both CARHA Hockey and any leagues involved exposed. Therefore, informing CARHA Hockey of suspensions maintains a level of accountability for the league issuing the suspension.

  • Spare Players:  Spare players are permitted to play up to five (5) games at no cost and will have the insurance extended to them while playing in this capacity. If a spare plays more than five (5) games, they are required to submit the full membership fee for that season. Eligible spare players are based on the number of full-time, paid players on the roster.     
  • Recurring Players: CARHA Hockey members are only required to submit their membership fee once during the coverage period and are eligible to play on as many other CARHA Hockey registered leagues and teams as they wish. Referees, who are also players, will only have to submit their membership fee once and will have extended coverage in both capacities. During the COVID-19 pandemic, CARHA Hockey requests that members only participate within their appropriate cohorts as defined by their Public Health officials.
  • Underage / Overage Players:  Players under the age of 18 years, or over the age of 85 years are welcome to participate however, they must complete the Underage Waiver form (French version) and/or the Overage Waiver form and submit a copy of the form(s) to CARHA Hockey. Please note that underage players are not eligible for the on-ice accidental or liability coverage (no membership fee). Overage players are only eligible for the $10 million liability coverage and would still submit their membership fee.
  • Non-Resident of Canada Players: CARHA Hockey welcomes the participation of non-residents of Canada players; however, they must complete the Non-Resident of Canada Waiver form. These players are not included in the on-ice accidental or liability coverage and are not required to submit the membership fee.
  • Outside of Canada Coverage:  Members are not covered for Sport Accident coverage when participating in games/tournaments outside of Canada. We strongly advise teams to obtain travel insurance in the event of illness or accidental injury. With regards to Commercial General Liability coverage, there is worldwide coverage provided the event is sanctioned by CARHA Hockey.

CARHA Hockey is a not-for-profit organization that provides its members with flexible and cost-effective options for comprehensive insurance coverage. All benefits available under the CARHA Hockey insurance protection program are subject to the actual terms and conditions of the insurance policy in force during the period of membership. Insurance procured and provided by CARHA Hockey may not cover all potential losses, damages or injuries that a player might sustain playing hockey. The coverage offered by CARHA Hockey is reasonable in the circumstances given its financial resources and any additional coverage would be unavailable or cost-prohibitive. All members are responsible for ensuring that their insurance coverage is suitable in their own specific circumstances. The information contained herein highlights the CARHA Hockey insurance protection program but does not create or confer any contractual rights and the benefits available during the period of membership may vary based on market conditions and benefit availability. If there is any question of interpretation all rights and benefits will be governed by the terms of actual terms and conditions of the insurance policy in force during the period of membership. CARHA Hockey reserves the right to amend, substitute or revoke any or all of the benefits available under the CARHA Hockey insurance protection program without notice in its sole discretion.