Your insurance under CARHA Hockey (in association with Lawrie Insurance Group) has you covered for potential accidents that could happen to you while playing hockey.  Your coverage period is from October 1st through to September 30th each year.

Your coverage includes:

  • $10 million player on player liability protection (in the event you are named in a lawsuit)
  • On-ice accidental Medical, Dental, and Death benefits – Policy Overview

CARHA Hockey strongly recommends the use of neck guards/throat protectors.

Important Notice: CARHA Hockey and its insurers do not support the use of alcohol and/or drugs while participating in the game of hockey. Should such activity present itself, the insurance coverage provided by our organization may be jeopardized. 

Pregnancy: CARHA Hockey welcomes the participation of pregnant women who wish to play adult recreational hockey. For safety purposes, however, we recommend that you consult your physician prior to playing hockey. Please note that coverage does not extend to injuries sustained that affect the term of your pregnancy or the unborn fetus.

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  • Because you are protected from October 1st through to September 30th each year, you are covered for any spring/summer hockey with other CARHA Hockey member leagues and/or teams.
  • As a CARHA Hockey member, your insurance is transferrable to you if you play with other CARHA Hockey registered leagues and/or teams.
  • If you also organize a league, team, or tournament, there is extended coverage available to you for your role as an organizer.

If you are interested in learning more about your coverage as a player/goalie, or as an organizer, please contact Kristan Leach.


CARHA Hockey registered players acknowledge that there is a risk of being injured when playing the game of hockey.

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