Women's Hockey Hub - January 2021


On the Medical Front Lines: Athletes Join the Fight Against COVID-19

Athletes have been making headlines this past year but not for their actions on the playing field. Familiar faces have emerged on the front lines, part of the response to the global pandemic. Here we recognize some of the athletes who have answered the call and are putting their medical degrees to the test.

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Lindsay Eastwood Scores Historic First Goal in Lake Placid!

Our former intern is making big waves in the NWHL. The Ottawa native made her professional debut last week, scoring the first franchise goal for the Toronto Six!

We got the exclusive with a Q&A with Lindsay!

Lindsay has been blogging for Sportsnet during the NWHL bubble season. Check out her latest post and the highlight of her first goal!

Female Refs Make Sports History

Shout out to Natalie Sago and Jenna Schroeder of the NBA and Sarah Thomas of the NFL. Sago and Schroeder are part of the NBA's First Two-Women Ref Crew and Sarah Thomas will be the NFL's First Female to Officiate a Super Bowl. It's a major step in furthering female representation amongst professional leagues.

CARHA Hockey World Cup - Contest Update!

Our 10 lucky finalists have been randomly selected for the CARHA Hockey World Cup Entry Fee Giveaway. Video submissions and rolling in and we need your help to pick a winner! Stay tuned to our CARHA Hockey World Cup social media channels to vote for your favourite (the first three are already up). Give us a follow and stay connected.

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On the Medical Front Lines: Athletes Join the Fight Against COVID-19

Lindsay Eastwood Scores Historic First Goal in Lake Placid!

Female Refs Make Sports History

CARHA Hockey World Cup - Contest Update!

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