May 2020


Mental Health Tips!

Maintaining one's mental health in such a challenging time globally is of utmost importance, and can also be very challenging with life so drastically different for everyone.

But there are productive ways to maintain, or improve your mental health, that are simple things you can do every single day!

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Support Local Businesses!

During the outbreak of COVID-19, it's important to buy local, and support local businesses in your community, to ensure that they also make it through these trying times.

This can be done in numerous ways!

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#HockeyLegendsHelp Update!

We recently posted about the Hockey Legends, a group in Ottawa responsible for starting the #HockeyLegendsHelp movement on social media.

We thought we'd provide an update on some groups that have donated recently, and how the campaign is going!

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How To Make a Gym At Home!

Exercise is an extremely beneficial way to pass time during isolation, as a result of the benefits involved in regards to mental health, personal fitness, and stress relief.

Some of you may find it challenging to accomplish anything without a proper gym, but we're here to tell you that you can actually build up a pretty solid home gym without a ton of effort or money.

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Mental Health Tips

Support Local Businesses


 How To Make a Home Gym

Weekend Hockey Tournaments


Weekend Hockey Tournaments 

Keener Jerseys 

Royal Oak Nachos 

Ottawa | Whitby

Bring your Loyalty Card to any Royal Oak location as soon as they open back up for a free cheese nacho! We'll keep you posted on their status through isolation!

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