We understand that every tournament is unique and has distinct needs. That is why we offer two tournament support options so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Both packages offer the same coverage, but if you're looking for prizing, the Original Six is the way to go!

  • All packages include $10 Million in Host Liability Coverage, a Tournament Finder listing, Tournament Supplies (game sheets and standing boards), Tournament Websites and a Scheduling Application. Host Liquor Liability is available.
  • Liability coverage does not extend to or include sport accident coverage for tournament participants. Team coverage is available and can be purchased separately. Contact us for details.

Tournament Host Fees:

  • Tournament with 2-23 teams - $325
  • Tournament with 24-47 teams - $550
  • Tournament with 48+ teams - $1,000

Original Six Fees (based on # of Divisions and prizing):

2 Divisions - $625 t-shirts

 3 Divisions - $715 t-shirts

4 Divisions - $805 t-shirts

5 Divisions - $975 t-shirts

6 Divisions - $1220 t-shirts

7 Divisions - $1320 t-shirts

8 Divisions - $1410 t-shirts

9 Divisions - $1510 t-shirts

10 Divisions - $1600 t-shirts



Looking for different prizing? Ask us for the tournament code to receive 30% off bulk orders of 30 items or more in CARHA Hockey's online store!

For more information, contact us.


Advertising Packages

Need help promoting your tournament? Purchase one of our advertising packages to help spread the word.

Cost Includes
$100 One (1) Twitter post, one (1) Instagram post, a boosted geo-targeted Facebook post, and a link to your tournament in one edition of Ice Chips
$250 Same as above plus a news story, and your tournament link on the main tournament page for the season
$500 Same as above plus a feature story in one edition of Ice Chips


Demonstrate your loyalty to Molson Coors. Contact Kevin to learn more about the benefits of hosting a Molson Coors sanctioned tournament.

CARHA Hockey Affiliated Tournaments

Demonstrate your team's recreational hockey excellence and compete in one, or all, of CARHA Hockey's affiliated tournaments. Join teams from all across Canada, the United States, and from around the world to display your skills while having a great time with CARHA Hockey.

Tournament Info Website Location Dates
Pacific Cup (Sold Out) Click Here Victoria, BC January 19-21, 2024


Other Tournaments:

Check out our Tournament Finder to look for upcoming tournaments in your area.

For US Options:

  • Teams participating in tournaments sanctioned by CARHA Hockey now have the option of purchasing $10 million Liability and On-Ice Sport Accident Coverage. Contact us for details. 
  • Outside of Canada – CARHA Hockey's insurance is only in effect when playing in an event that is organized and run by CARHA Hockey when hosted outside of Canada. If your team is playing in a tournament outside of Canada, CARHA Hockey recommends that you obtain insurance available, such as Blue Cross.

CARHA Hockey registered players acknowledge that there is a risk of being injured when playing the game of hockey.

Tournament Search: