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Fit For Hockey

Hockey is one of the best sports on earth, and it is also one of the most demanding on your body. The physical toll that is placed on your heart, muscles and body is extraordinary and should be watched on a regular basis. Many things can happen on the ice to one of your teammates, an opponent, a referee, or a time keeper, and will you know how to respond?

The Fit for Hockey program is an educational and awareness program which combines both an on-ice hockey session with off-ice education regarding proper physical training, health and body awareness, and nutrition, inclusive of CPR/Defib training.

Why should I participate in the Fit For Hockey Program?

There are two main reasons you should participate in the program. They are:

1) Participate because you want to be prepared in case someone goes down on the ice.

  • During any given hockey game, there could be 12-40 people on the ice or on the bench. At any point during the game, someone could possibly go down and suffer from a medical emergency. This has happened more than anyone would like to admit, and more likely than not, most people won't know how to handle the situation. Think about it in whatever role you play during the game:
    • Teammate- You may have your best friend playing on the same team as you, and if he collapses suddenly, do you know how you will respond to save him? You don't want to lose him, so you should probably be trained on how to use an AED machine
    • Team Rep- You are the leader of this group of players, and you have all the power to seta plan in place! Why not learn the signs of an emergency, and train some people on your team how to handle it through a team emergency plan. Everyone will look up to you when this happens, so you may as well be prepared.
    • Referee and Timekeeper- Let's face it, there is usually a referee and timekeeper at every game played. Do you want to be that ref or timekeeper who didn't know what to do or how to respond if someone had a heart attack during your game?
  • Looking at these reasons, it is pretty obvious to see that there is no harm in taking this program! You are looking out for others, and making the game we love more safe to play!

2) Participate because you want to learn more about yourself.

  • We all like to deny that anything could happen to us. We all feel that we are either in perfect shape, not old enough, or eat right so there is no way we can suffer an injury or a medical emergency. Let's give our heads a shake and realize, that as we get older (everyone is getting older!) we become at a greater risk of suffering an injury or having a heart attack/stroke. Do it for yourself, find your limits, learn how to better prepare before a game to avoid suffering from anything! Let me ask you a few questions:
    • Would you let your child play hockey without stretching or warming up properly?
    • Why do you take your child to the hospital or doctor when he has a pain that is not normal, yet you won't do it for yourself?
    • If you need to buy your child the safest equipment on the market, why don't you do the same for yourself?
  • See where I am getting at? Why can't you do the same thing for yourself as you would do for your own child? 


Interested in learning more about the Fit For Hockey Program and bringing it to your community? Contact Karen Hodgson

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