The following benefits are included in your CARHA Hockey membership for the low price of $23 per player.
  • Insurance

Included in your CARHA Hockey Membership is $10 million Liability Protection and Sport Accident Coverage (in association with Dan Lawrie Insurance Brokers) for all of your players.

  • League Website

Additionally, we give you the tools to create a league website that includes all of your statistics and is free of charge. Your website will be simple to set up, easy to update and will allow you to post your league schedule as well as stats! Take your league to the next level this season with a fully-functional, interactive and free league website! 

  • Scheduling Services

We’ll also handle all of your league schedules and scheduling services for you, as well as provide you with game sheets for all of your games. Our scheduling application allows you to manage your ice times, see the breakdown of games and easily export your schedule.

  • Welcome Gift

Lastly, a free CARHA Hockey hat for every player if you are registered and paid for by October 15th. You are getting all of these perks for just $23 per player, which is the lowest price and the best value in Canada!

Your insurance under CARHA Hockey (in association with Dan Lawrie Insurance Brokers) has you covered for potential accidents that could happen while playing hockey. We are confident that this coverage is suitable for playing hockey, and that we’re providing it at the right price.

Our hockey insurance provides you with the following benefits:

  • $10 million in Liability Protection extended to all players, coaches, managers, trainers, and registered members of the executive
  • $10 Million Liability Insurance with Certificate of Insurance
  • $5 Million Directors and Officers Insurance
  • Naming Additional Insured: Liability protection extends to the municipality, facility, and sponsors
  • Player on Player liability coverage 
  • On-ice accidental Medical, Dental, and Death benefits for each player – to view the insurance chart, click here.
  • Lowest price at $23 per player – allowing you to save hundreds of dollars in comparison to other national programs
  • Year-round coverage provided

It is strongly encouraged that all CARHA Hockey teams and leagues have their players complete and sign the General Participant Waiver. To download the waiver, click here.

Any individual that CARHA Hockey recognizes as a registered member in good standing has coverage when involved in a CARHA Hockey approved event. An approved CARHA Hockey event/activity takes place at the direction and with the approval of the CARHA Hockey.

Here at CARHA Hockey we believe that hockey doesn’t end in the winter. Hockey is our national sport and thus should be played year-round. If you plan on playing into the summer, we've got you covered. CARHA Hockey's Membership Programs provide you with coverage from October 1 - September 30. If you plan on playing exclusively in the summer, you can also take advantage of our special summer rates.

If you have any questions about summer hockey or want to register, feel free to contact us at any time.

Reporting suspensions decreases the risk of liability issues, allows CARHA Hockey to serve as a support mechanism to leagues, and ensures up to date information is being documented.

Given the popularity of adult recreational hockey in Canada the possibility exists that a player deemed ineligible due to suspension may choose a different league to participate in while suspended. This leaves both CARHA Hockey and any leagues involved exposed. Therefore, informing CARHA Hockey of suspensions maintains a level of accountability for the league issuing the suspension.