For the last two weeks, CARHA Hockey has been running a contest in conjunction with Baron Hockey for the opportunity to win a brand new, custom hockey stick.

We reached out to our members and asked them to send us the story of the favourite goal they've ever scored. The response has been overwhelming so far, and with one week left in the contest period, we though we'd share some of the best entries so far.


Hello, this is supposed to be a story about the best goal you have ever scored.  However I have not scored a goal yet. I am currently a goalie in the fun league in Sault St. Marie. I'm planning on playing out of net next year and am super excited. I hope this time next year I have my very own goal story and I know a custom stick will help make that a reality. I am a single mom of two and I'm trying to show my kids that getting out of your comfort zone is a good thing and trying new things is awesome!


It was in the final game of a first nation’s tournament playing for first place.  It was 1-1 in the 3rd period with 10 minutes left. I caught a breakout pass from the defencemen at center ice at full speed. I went wide on the defending team on my right wing and cut in behind the defenceman with one hand on my stick, the other arm out protecting the slash. I triple deked the goalie, backhand - forehand - backhand and went with a backhand over his blocker post and in (I'm a righty). Up 2-1. The following shift I was chasing the puck into their zone, closing in on a big hit when the opposing player stopped on a dime and turned.  I ended up missing my hit and getting the boards. I blew out my right MCL.  I stayed on the bench the rest of the game unable to play but limped on the ice to hoist the cup as we won the tournament with my go ahead goal holding up. We won 2-1.


My first goal –I didn’t start playing until my 30’s. I dropped back to cover our defense who had jumped into play and for whatever reason they passed the puck back to me. I gave it everything I had (almost fell over) and scored with “a blazing one-timer” according to my team mates. Clearly the goalie didn’t think I had it in me. After that, the girls took me stick shopping to get me some flex (it was an old fibreglass stick) and I have been scoring regularly ever since.


My story is about goals, not a goal. It was a number of years ago in an old-timers hockey tournament in Campbell River, British Columbia when our team the Comox Valley Legends was playing Port Hardy WW III. I was playing left wing (right-handed shot) and was not a high goal scorer, in fact I was a below average goal scorer, but this particular game I scored four one timers from the high slot. What was particularly interesting was that just after I scored my fourth goal the arena had a fire in the attic. Someone lit an old mattress on fire. The game had to be called off with our team being awarded the points as we were well in the lead. It is what I call a real life Barn Burner.

We encourage you to continue entering our contest, which concludes next Friday, March 24th at noon. Share your story with us for the chance to win!