The small town of New Liskeard in Northern Ontario didn’t have hockey for girls until Cory Siermachesky, a CARHA Hockey member, came along. His daughter Kristen Siermachesky wanted to give hockey a try at age eight, but there was no team for her to join in the community. So, Cory and three other hockey dads took it upon themselves to make a team for their kids to play on. From there on out, Cory coached Kristen until it was time for her to move away from home to take hockey to the next level.

Like most Canadians, Cory began playing hockey at age five, and played competitively until he graduated from NAIT of the College Hockey Association. Cory can still be found playing old-timer hockey twice a week, and even sometimes officiating the game. Cory is quite the well-rounded athlete as he was also on the Canadian National Track and Field team. Cory’s athleticism clearly rubbed off on his daughter Kristen, as she has followed in his footsteps.

Kristen and her father have spent countless hours together, in the rink, travelling, and in the gym, pushing each other to be better athletes. These hours have been rather valuable as Kristen claims that, “I believe that my dad’s coaching style has motivated me and pushed me to become the best player that I can be.” Being a “Collegiate Division I” athlete at Syracuse University, Kristen was guided by her parents to know what it takes to perform at the highest level. “I really would not be where I am today without them”, Kristen states as she gives all the credit to her parents.   

Being a national team athlete, Cory has much to offer his daughter. He shares many tips with his daughter to ensure she has proper form and is not picking up any bad habits. Having her dad as training partner comes with many perks as he knows her strengths and weaknesses best. This helps guide Kristen during workouts by her father knowing if she needs to go harder or ease up. Cory pushes her to her limits in the gym and in the classroom as he says, “My wife and I emphasize giving 100% at whatever both of our daughters do. Strong work ethic goes a long way.”

Kristen has benefitted tremendous amounts from their fitness regimen but so has Cory. Cory claims, “Trying to keep up to her makes me feel younger”. The father and daughter duo have a lot fun training together. It essentially has brought them closer as it adds to the time they spend together. However, it may bring a competitive edge out of them that can linger at the dinner table as dad does not want to lose his to his “little girl” and Kristen is not one to back down to a challenge. Thus, Kristen declares, “Overall, our relationship is strengthened from pushing each other to become better than the day before”.