There have been plenty of conversations in the world of women's hockey and hockey in general about growing the game, but often there aren't enough conversations about how to actually do that.

How can each individual person do their part to grow the game towards equality, you might wonder?

We'll tell you.

  1. Watch - the number one most important factor. Watch the games! Tune in to the Canadian Women's Hockey League (CWHL), the National Women's Hockey League (NWHL), women's collegiate hockey, or international hockey where at all possible, because more eyeballs on the games means more sponsorship revenue, more network deals, and more growth!
  2. Play - If you're a female, playing the game yourself results in a ripple effect where the game grows through more teams, leagues, tournaments, and viewers. We have a strong feeling you'll love the sport.
  3. Talk - Talk about the game! Any hockey fan anywhere is ready at the drop of a dime to talk ab out their favourite National Hockey League (NHL) players, so why shouldn't we be doing the same about the women of the professional level? There's plenty of incredible talent out there!
  4. Share - Follow the professional leagues, teams, and players on social media. Share their posts and interact with their content. Show your followers how incredible the women's game can be.
  5. Buy - If you have the means to do so, buy merchandise and tickets to games! Attending professional games, or buying merchandise for your favourite team is money that'll just be funneled right back into the growth of women's hockey!

Let's keep the #GrowTheGame momentum going!