As part of our ongoing series of tips from the Ottawa High Performance Centre, we're bringing you tip number three!

This one is provided by Tony Carbonette, an Athletic Therapist and the Owner of the Ottawa High Performance Centre.

It's important to know the difference between having some bumps and bruises that are not only common but also manageable, versus having an injury.

If you are dealing with some "issues" and you find you benefit from stretching, foam rolling, heating, or warming - you are most likely not "injured".

Yet if you find yourself dealing with sharp pain, altered hockey abilities, limping, compensating, swelling or even a change in the range of motion of a joint - you are probably injured or dealing with an injury. 

Trying to play through an injury can not only make things worse, but can put you at risk. 

Know the difference and make sure you seek professional guidance should you feel you are injured. If your attempts at stretching, rolling, heating or warming up don't provide any benefits, get in to see a professional sports injury therapist. 

Be smart and don't play while you are at risk.