University Sports (uSports), formerly known as Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS), is the national governing body of university sport in Canada. uSports is primarily known for their hockey and basketball. Canadian Universities are in competition for Canada’s top athletic talent with our neighbors the, National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), the governing body of university sport in the United States.

Here are some advantages for female hockey players going either route:


  • Canadian Universities can now give out greater scholarships, up to 70% of tuition and room and board for 14 players. This will account for tuition and room and board
  • You do not have to take any standardized tests such as the SAT or ACT to get into Canadian Universities
  • The cost of uSports schools are significantly less than NCAA schools
  • If you began your university career in NCAA and decide to finish it off in Canada with uSports you no longer have to sit out a year
  • Less rules regarding recruiting and sponsorship
  • More and more uSport athletes are being invited to National Team Camps
  • Many Hockey Canada representatives involved in uSports


  • Can give out full scholarships which cover total expense of University
  • Best female competition
  • Large fan base/school spirit
  • State of the art facilities
  • Large budget for travel, equipment, and clothing
  • Can find some NCAA coaches involved with Hockey Canada
  • 38% of players are Canadian

For many years, the NCAA has dominated the women’s university hockey talent pool, however, uSports has shown improvement over the last three years by beating NCAA teams in pre-season games. uSports' goal is to keep Canadian female hockey players from going south of the boarder for university. They have put in place a pilot project for five years in attempt to keep Canada’s top female hockey players at home to increase the talent in uSports women’s hockey.