Catching up with Lindsay Eastwood


Season 2 with the Toronto Six! How has this season been different for you?

Season 2 has been off to a great start. It’s nice to have some normalcy to the season. Last year we did a short “bubble” season that was far from normal. This year I’m getting to actually experience game weekends, playing back to back and also the travel side of it. We were also very limited last year in terms of practices, we couldn’t have more than 10 people on the ice. Heading into the bubble I hardly knew my teammates but this year back to real full team practices it’s been really good for us to build that chemistry on the ice as well get to know each other off the ice.

What have you been focusing on for your own development?

I am always focusing on my footwork. A lot of my focus this year has been on patience with the puck to make smart hockey plays and not just throw it away.

Congrats on being selected to the PHF All-Star Showcase! How did you react when you heard the announcement and what are you most looking forward to?

I was pretty pumped. It wasn’t something I had even really thought about so getting the nod for the All-Star Showcase was pretty cool. I’m looking forward to getting to compete with the best players around the league. It’s super nice that it’s here in Toronto, and definitely a special moment for the league as it’s the first time the Showcase has been held in Canada. It should be a fun time and hopefully exciting for our fans as well. 

Note: due to COVID restrictions in Toronto, the PHF shifted the showcase to Buffalo, NY.

We also saw you’ve been nominated for Faces Magazine Ottawa ““ Athlete of the Year! How does it feel to represent your hometown? Vote for Lindsay until January 31. 

That’s pretty cool! Seeing the other names I am grouped in with is unbelievable – Olympians and professional athlete stand-outs. Pretty humbling to say the least. Ottawa has a lot of talented athletes and I’m honoured to be recognized alongside them. 

When you aren’t on the ice, what keeps you busy?

I work full time as a Social Media Manager, so that keeps me pretty busy around the clock. I’m constantly online or on TikTok looking to stay up with the latest trends. I do some skills coaching in the GTA as well with some young hockey players as well. And when I do have some down time I like to keep it loose hanging out with friends and doing stuff with them.

You and many of your peers have other work commitments on top of your league play. Can you give us some insight on how challenging that can be and what changes you’re hoping to see? 

It keeps things interesting. I am very rarely bored. It’s a lot of work and takes a lot of time management but I’d rather be busy than bored any day of the week. It also helps that I love both my jobs – Hockey and Social Media Manager so it doesn’t feel like I’m ever truly working. The challenges however at the end of the day are that I am an all in kind of person, so when I have to make a sacrifice for either my job or hockey I feel a sense of guilt. I hate having to miss things or even ask for coverage. I am super lucky that my employer is super understanding and they are always willing to help me out in order for me to be able to play hockey.

You are an amazing role model. Any advice you can share for young players following their dreams to play at the next level or pursue a career in sports?

No dream is too big or too small. I’ve had and still have some big dreams that have felt out of reach but they aren’t out of reach if you put your mind to it and chase it. Don’t be afraid to use your resources and lean on people to help you be your best!

Photo credit: The Toronto Six, shared by Lindsay Eastwood

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