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Community Initiatives

Community Initiative

The Next Stride

At CARHA Hockey we believe in the power of sport and community recreation programs. The Next Stride is our new community initiative, a platform created to get one stride closer to reaching our goals together.
Community Initiative


PUCKFIT is a free online, at-home fitness program that was designed to improve the health and fitness of our members.
Community Initiative

Play The Game

The CARHA Hockey Learn to Play Program is a curriculum-based program designed to provide precise, basic skill development for adult rec hockey players. The program was developed with adult rec hockey players in mind who are new to the sport or who are simply looking to improve their on-ice skills.
Community Initiative

The CARHA Hockey Pacific Cup

Annual tournament hosted by CARHA Hockey in Victoria, BC every January. Started in 1977, it is the longest running CARHA Hockey hosted event and features over 100 teams and games are played at 9 different facilities in the greater Victoria area.
Community Initiative

Women’s Hockey

At CARHA Hockey we understand the importance of celebrating women’s hockey and providing specific resources to fulfill the needs of female hockey players. The growth of women’s recreational hockey is something we strive to support and not only is ensuring you have the right insurance coverage important to us, but so is making sure we help you find a place to play, tournaments to participate in and news that matters to you
Community Initiative

CARHA Hockey World Cup

The CARHA Hockey World Cup has been organized every four years in a select Canadian city and is an event that attracts participants from all across Canada, the United States, Asia and Europe. Approximately 100 teams from countries around the world will travel to the Host City for this week-long event. It’s built on an Olympic-themed approach, and since the event’s inception, it has grown to be the world’s largest international adult recreational hockey tournament.