Exclusive: CH Member Dave Fisher Set to Return to Play

CARHA Hockey member, Dave Fisher*, had a little fun getting ready to return after being sidelined due to injury. Fortunately, we were able to get our hands on his exclusive interview for your enjoyment!
*Names have been changed.

Recently Dave Fisher sat down with TSN (this did not happen, they wouldn’t take his calls), to talk about his clearance from the lower/upper-body injury that has kept him out.

Fisher:  Thanks Duthie for having me on again.  To answer your question, I’m feeling great looking forward to being back with the boys this Thursday, Feb 24th.  Final doctors check-up is tomorrow so I’ll have the clearance one way or another by 8 am tomorrow morning.  

Duthie:  How do you think being away for the past four weeks will impact your play will there be some rust?

Fisher:  100% Duthie, I mean I’ve been trying to practice my jokes at home, get in the zone for the change room to pump people up, but really it’s tough the home crown of my wife will not respond to any of the non-sense that the team does, it’s not the right crowd.

Duthie:  I meant on the ice, will it impact your play?

Fisher:  Great question, that’s a hard one to answer.  When you look at a player like Crosby or McDavid, you think can they get any better?  Then they go out there and they amaze you and do something you could not even imagine and you think, wow he’s so good how can you increase from that level the margin is so high.  I like to think of myself on the other spectrum, I’m so terrible on the ice, even being off for four weeks, can I get any worse? I like to think I peaked, but just like they amaze, I could do the same.

Duthie:  Have you heard from any of the guys?

Fisher:  Smith and I talk all the time, we kept it light, not really about the injury but more focused on football fantasy, things like that.  I play with Kregg in two leagues and he reached out to see how I’m doing.  He mentioned he missed me on the ice, and the energy I bring into the locker room, I feel like one of those two statements are correct but it made me feel great.  

Duthie:  What are you looking forward to about Thursday?

Fisher:  Thanks Duthie great question, I think with two weeks away to playoffs I want to get back into the room and start having a positive impact.  You know two years ago for the playoffs we did the fireball run, do we switch it up this year?  Maybe Sambuca, or go old-school Smirnoff ice?  Alot to figure out in a shortened timeline.  Really just looking forward to being back with the guys.

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