Bylaws & Policies
CSA Approved Goalie Masks

CARHA Hockey Stresses Safety First

CARHA Hockey playing rules were created to provide the maximum amount of safety while enjoying recreational hockey. CARHA Hockey has a responsibility to amend the rules when areas of potential and unnecessary injuries are identified.

In recognition of the demand by goaltenders for a CSA approved “Cat Eye” mask, manufacturers have created a new version of the “Cat Eye” mask, which is CSA approved and may be worn during play under CARHA Hockey rules and regulations. The photo below shows the difference between the CSA Approved and the non CSA Approved illegal “Cat Eye” mask; the legal CSA approved mask has an additional bar that runs along the top of the eye hole and protects the goaltender from pucks and sticks entering the mask and causing injury.

The playing rules which are a part CARHA Hockey’s Rule Book, Rule 24 (c), Protective Equipment, state the penalty that will be assessed and the procedure to be followed when a goaltender attempts to start the game wearing an illegal mask.


CSA Approved ‘Cat Eye” Mask


Non-CSA Approved ‘Cat Eye” Mask


CSA Approved Mask