Skating for a Cause: Halifax Pickup League’s Journey Scores for Hockey Helps the Homeless

Beyond the boards, CARHA Hockey members exhibit their passion through meaningful contributions to charitable initiatives and active community involvement. We are proud to share their stories! 

Halifax Pickup Hockey, known for its inclusive and welcoming atmosphere for adults of all skill levels to enjoy the sport, is gearing up for their third team appearance in the annual Hockey Helps the Homeless tournament, happening in Halifax on November 10. This Charity Pro-am Hockey Tournament, which spans across Canada, has a noble mission: for players to raise funds and make a direct impact in their own community for those in need (watch the Sportsnet video here).

The League, which began as a single night of hockey in 2018, has grown into a community of players with four nights of play each week and is a unique and growing part of the local hockey scene. Their journey with the Hockey Helps the Homeless tournament began in 2019 when they first entered their Sportwheels team, thanks to the generous sponsorship of a great community partner. While Sportwheels continues to support the league, they were unable to continue their sponsorship of the tournament team, and the team’s decision to compete under their banner as Halifax Pickup Hockey provides an opportunity to help raise their profile and visibility in the area.

With an ambitious fundraising goal of $10,000, Halifax Pickup Hockey got creative in their efforts to raise funds. They organized a new fundraising event in October to generate excitement and rally the community for the upcoming tournament. Their fundraising event at 2 Crows Brewing Co. was a great success, raising over $1,100 and giving away three fantastic raffle prize packages. This was just part of their journey towards reaching their target.

Each player on the team is required to raise a minimum of $500, a testament to their dedication to the cause. Pickup players make a collective commitment as a portion of their regular fees for playing in the league are committed each season to the tournament fund. Additionally, the league also runs an apparel sale.

As they prepare for their third appearance in the Hockey Helps the Homeless tournament, Halifax Pickup Hockey embodies the true spirit of community and the power of sports to make a positive impact. As November 10 approaches, the anticipation builds not only for the tournament itself but also for the impact they will create for those in need in Halifax. This is a story of sportsmanship, community, and the unyielding spirit of giving back. Good luck to the team, and enjoy every moment!

You can support the team through their team fundraising page here!

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