Volunteer Spotlight: Monkland Community Centre


We are a small Community Centre in Monkland, Ontario run by volunteers. Over the past few years we have overcome many issues with our Recreation Centre. The Centre was going to be sold by the Township, the heating system was faulty, the windows were cracked and drafty, etc. etc.

From 2014 on, a small group of Monklanders has diligently worked to improve our situation and get our Community Centre rolling again. Through fundraising brunches, flea markets, paint nights, craft nights, 4H courses, rentals of the hall, etc. we raised enough to install a new furnace with air conditioning and also all new windows. We have really made a difference to our center and the community.

During Covid 19 our community was in lockdown or red zone, so hardly anything was going on. The townsfolk requested that we try to build an outdoor skating rink to get their minds off the Pandemic situation. With volunteer help, old borrowed boards for the sides, a purchased tarp, and some water from the local volunteer fire department to start it, we were able to provide a very small skating rink. It was petite but well used by the very happy friends and neighbours of the Monkland & District Community Centre. The rink was totally looked after by volunteers. The only other problem was that we ran out of water and had to purchase water to keep it going throughout the season.

This year, we went to all the hardware stores around our area and asked for material donations. They all responded well and we were able to build a 40 x 100 foot rink with all volunteer help. It will accommodate 21 people at a time, as required by Covid guidelines. We have started an outdoor hockey league, ice skating lessons, and figure skating lessons with a qualified teacher. These lessons are all run by volunteers. We are very proud of what we have accomplished. Here are some pictures from start to finish:



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