One major key to living a healthy lifestyle is making no excuses. Regardless of the circumstance, you show up and you make the effort to better yourself.

COVID-19 is no exception to that rule, and we think we can use the isolation period as a time to keep yourself prepared for when the lights at the rink come back on!

You may not have access to your gym anymore, but that shouldn't stop you! There's plenty of things you can do in the comfort of your own home during isolation, even without equipment, that'll have you seeing the results you want in no time.

Check out CARHA Hockey's PuckFit program, as well as the resources below and try and set aside some time every day to do at least something. It'll make the time go by, the body in shape, and it'll make you feel far better about yourself during all of this!

Be the friend that comes out of quarantine looking better than before, rather than the opposite!