At CARHA Hockey we understand the importance of celebrating women’s hockey and providing specific resources to fulfill the needs of female hockey players. The growth of women’s recreational hockey is something we strive to support and not only is ensuring you have the right insurance coverage important to us, but so is making sure we help you find a place to play, tournaments to participate in and news that matters to you

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Fit for Hockey is an educational program that combines both an on-ice hockey session with off-ice education regarding proper physical training, health and body awareness, and nutrition tips.

Participants have the opportunity to:

  • Learn how to listen to their body and recognize signs of distress
  • Receive tips for proper conditioning and nutrition
  • Acquire techniques to prevent on-ice health issues
  • Assume health-conscious training with a heart-rate monitor
  • Obtain CPR and defibrillator training – FREE certification provided

Fit for Your Municipality

CARHA Hockey understands that there is no one size fits all!

Help us help you improve the lives of adult recreational hockey players in your community - we will take the Fit For Hockey program and tailor it to meet the needs of your municipality.

Contact us if you have any questions about Fit for Hockey.

The Adult Learn to Play program has been developed by CARHA Hockey with the goal in mind of helping to continue the growth of adult recreational hockey throughout Canada.

The CARHA Hockey Learn to Play Program is a curriculum-based program designed to provide precise, basic skill development for adult rec hockey players. The program was developed with adult rec hockey players in mind who are new to the sport or who are simply looking to improve their on-ice skills.

Curriculum Overview

  • Principles and benefits of using the inside, outside and middle edges
  • The philosophy behind powerskating
  • Explanations of basic skating puckhandling and shooting skills
  • Breakdown of skills accompanied by drills and photos for visual enhancements
  • Comparison charts of correct and incorrect techniques of the skills
  • Player Evaluation form which enables the instructor to report to the players’ cumulative progress

For more information, send us an email.

The CARHA Hockey Safety Series was launched as part of the continued efforts to promote a safer sport environment.

We are pleased to be one of 25 organizations to receive support from Canada's Sport Information Resource Centre (SIRC) to focus on education and awareness of concussions and safe sport in our communities.

For details and further resources, visit our Safety Series page.

PUCKFIT is a free online, at-home fitness program that was designed to improve the health and fitness of our members. 

Learn more.

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