As we continue to work towards a normal society, one that resembles how we lived before COVID-19, consider shrinking your hockey leagues or teams down for the time being.

3-on-3 and 4-on-4 hockey are both great, fun options if you're looking to play in a somewhat safer space. Not only does this make for less players on the ice, but generally less players on the bench and in the dressing room as well.

It'll make it easier to follow our recommendations for resuming the sport of recreational hockey with less people to worry about, and it'll give you more exercise too helping you get back into the game given that there's more ice out there and more frequent ice time.

All of this is dependent on the rules and the protocol in your city and province, but in some areas of Canada, regular 5-on-5 hockey is not yet available, and won't be available for some time.

And if we had the choice to play 3-on-3 hockey or not play hockey at all, you know just where you'll find us.