With the uncertainty of COVID-19 in different parts of Canada, CARHA Hockey members have asked us about payment options in the event there is a shutdown to their hockey. As a result, CARHA Hockey has been able to secure the following pricing options for the 2020-21 season for teams and leagues to consider:

  1. Groups can pay $15 per player or a team rate of $275 for coverage from October to December
  2. Groups that are looking to wait until January, can pay $15 per player or a team rate $275 and coverage will be in place until the end of April
  3. Groups starting up in January but who are also playing through the summer (January to September), the full membership rate of $25 per player will apply
  4. Groups wanting coverage for entire season will continue to pay $25 per player

With the above options, groups that are concerned about a shutdown have the $15 term payment option that will cover them until December. If we get shut down, then these groups will have only remitted $15 per player instead of $25. In this case, if the group continues without shutdown then they would have to remit a second $15 per player to cover off the balance of their season (January forward).

We have heard your concerns and hence, have established these alternatives that can provide you with some flexibility and peace of mind, making it easier for your league to return to the ice.

If you have questions about any of the above information, or anything regarding your return to the ice, please contact Laurie Langlois.