I would like to nominate the Anda Ta Youth Center: Community Outdoor Rink in Haines Junction, Yukon. The Anda Ta Youth Center’s Youth Program Officer, Shannon Maloney ensures that the outdoor community rink is maintained throughout the year. She is also the person who requests that the outdoor rink is flooded to be used for ice skating. Her work at the Anda Ta Youth Center helps keep the outdoor rink active year round.

During the summer months, the outdoor rink is used as multi-recreational area. Children and youth use the area as a basketball court, skate/scooter park, floor hockey arena and much more. In the winter months, the outdoor rink is used mainly for ice skating. The Anda Ta Youth Center provides community members with recreational equipment if they have what is requested.




I would like to nominate Lindsay Johnston and the Village of Teslin’s Outdoor ice play area.

Lindsay is the Recreation manager for the Village of Teslin. Her energy, enthusiasm and extra effort is infectious and inspires the people around her. Photos were included of the hockey rink, ice bowling, crokicurl and a curling rink across the bay with an ice skating track connecting them. We are also working on more skating tracks on the lake.

With the pandemic and ever increasing restrictions, we decided to create more outdoor areas of people to enjoy.

The Village of Teslin Public Works team has been working so hard to provide amazing outdoor recreation options for the community with the creation of a  Winter Playground on the lake. The area has an outdoor skating rink, crokicurl and a skating loop.

The team has had to contend with Yukon winter conditions and done an amazing job keeping the ice surface cleared (with some help from the kids) and ready for user groups. The school and after school recreation programs have been using the area regularly and we have even had visitors come to the community specifically to enjoy the outdoor rink. This has had a real positive affect on the community!!




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