Canyon Meadows Community Centre Rink 

Provides our boys with a fun home away from home to meet up with friends - and be in the community. It’s a community rink that makes such a positive impact with so much love poured into it. We spend 4-5 hours there most days we are off work! 

I would like to nominate the Canyon Meadows Community Association ODR that keeps the rink active, friends and families outdoors & active.

This rink has been a blessing for our family, for our son to play with friends, and for our family to get outdoors with friends and family.

Memories for the kids growing up and playing outdoors - priceless.

An opportunity for kids to be creative without the structure of formal practices and games. It allows casual players that aren't in formal leagues to get out and play. The rinks allow retired players to get out and play. The list of benefits is endless.

The zamboni gives the community better, safer ice and for more days, this is the first year that this community has had a chance to try a zamboni - the community hasn't had the money for a zamboni.

Canyon Meadows Community Centre Rink (Calgary, Alberta). Amazing outdoor community rinks, thanks to all the volunteers who make it possible for the community to enjoy!

I would like to nominate the Haysboro Community ODR and entire Rink Crew located in Calgary Alberta.

The rinks in our community are a legacy, our kids great grandpa worked to flood these rinks in the 50’s, and their grandpa learned to skate and love the game of hockey here.

All four of our kids have learned to skate along with an amazing community; as the sun rises our rink crew is out on their skates flooding the ice, toddlers come out  early in the morning, kids come for a sunset skate when school lets out, and you can hear our teens, pucks against the boards and sticks against the ice late into the frigid nights.

This is a place where every generation gathers, has fun and enjoys neighbours and community. 

Haysboro rink!!!  I can’t say enough.  Two boarded hockey rinks and a huge pleasure rink and paths.  Our community maintains this so good and we all benefit.  It’s always busy. 

I have two boys who are competitive figure skaters and they love practicing at the community Haysboro rink.  I’m not sure what they would’ve done during Covid when rinks were shut down without this gem.  What a treat to have this in our community, they were there daily. 

Thanks to all the volunteers for what you continue to do for our kids and community!!


The Ramsay Community Association operates one of very few covered outdoor rinks. 2 years ago, our organization identified upgrades, such as resurfacing and new boards, as necessary in order to sustain operations. As we work through the planning and fundraising process, many incredible community volunteers stepped up to create and maintain 2 alternate adopt-a-rinks within the community, one located at Ramsay Park (2102 Ramsay st SE) and one at Jefferies Park

Despite mother nature's unpredictability this season, plenty of fun was had by all on the inclusive rinks, including those learning to skate, a visit from professional Elladj Baldé and those looking to hone their hockey skills. With so many community members coming together, this nomination is for the Ramsay Community Association, with the goal to improve and maintain our equipment, thereby keeping our volunteers safe, happy and coming back next year!

Welcome to the Ranchlands Community Rink!

The Ranchlands Community Association (RCA) is extremely lucky to have an outdoor rink located next to our community hall. The rink, built in 1992, has been a much beloved feature of the property since the RCA first opened its doors, both for our residents but also those outside our community. But we don't just have the rink, we also flood an adjacent basketball court in winter to create a wonderful space for pleasure skating and kids who are just learning.

Over the years, the rink has seen many upgrades, renovations and changes including most recently in early 2022 when we were able to replace our outdated rink lighting with beautiful and bright high efficiency LED lights thanks to the “Energizing Spaces powered by ENMAX” grant. The RCA allocates a portion of our operating budget to the upkeep and maintenance of the rink every year, but we also depend on our dedicated volunteer team of “Rink Rats”. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to flood and maintain the rink (and basketball court) every winter for skating, hockey and other uses. I know they would be beyond ecstatic if we won a prize as we could finally replace some of our ancient grooming equipment and thus make their job easier!

Keep your stick on the ice!
Ranchlands Community Association 

Name of Rink: Rosedale Community Rink
Nominee: Scott McCrea

Scott is an unsung hero.  He is one of those people you don’t realize exists because what he does for our community seems invisible and unrealized.  Scott faithfully looks after our Rosedale community rink in Calgary.  He is part of a small group of dedicated individuals who faithfully shovels the snow off the ice and floods it nightly so that our community can skate on it.  Scott carries out this work without seeking recognition because he knows that it is through the dedication of this team that our community rink provides free winter recreation, a place to bring people together and provide a positive, safe and inclusive space for all ages.   




I would like to nominate the outdoor rink at the Lake Louise Sport & Recreation Centre in Lake Louise, Alberta. The outdoor rink was created in 1985 and over the years it has grown and evolved into an invaluable source of joy for all who visit. The pride of workmanship from the staff that maintain it is clear as soon as you set eyes on the rink. It continuously creates a positive impact on the community of Lake Louise by providing a safe and welcoming environment that is cherished by locals and visitors alike.

The LLSRC is a non-profit facility that is 100% funded by grants. All funding is utilized to upgrade and maintain the facility and offer recreation opportunities to locals for little to no cost. This money would help greatly with operational and maintenance costs of this natural ice rink.

From new Canadians who have never seen ice, to long time hockey-loving locals, this rink is a place for everyone to come together and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. With high daily usage rates, and hockey tournaments throughout the season, the rink enriches the lives of all who use it. The community is proud to have this space and to share its splendor with all those who visit.




I would like to nominate the Southridge Pond rink here in Medicine Hat, Alberta.

Growing up in the prairies, playing "shinny" on an ODR was a daily occurrence for my friends and I. During the fall of 2020, during the first wave of CoVid 19, I wanted to do something to help out the community, knowing that the winter was going to look "different". I decided to add my name to the list of volunteers to help maintain the Southridge pond. Especially, over that Christmas break, we were blown away by the number of users and positive feedback we received. There were nights that the lone light standard timed out before people were ready to leave. I would love to see the community near the ODR benefit from a grant that may allow the city to consider better lighting. I have included 2 photos that show the 5 rinks and 1 skating loop that we created and 1 picture shows two portable lights that one volunteer donated due to the overwhelming need of the community.





I would like to nominate the Castleview Park Skating Area in Pincher Creek, Alberta, for the Outdoor Rink Contest!

Over the years, a mass amount of time and effort has been put into this gem of a skating area mostly from our Town Employees, but also our very generous locals within that area. With the Chinook Winds and the Intense Warmth that our climate throws at us each Winter, it is very difficult to maintain this ice area, especially with a black asphalt base. The prizes for this contest would be helpful with adding some new water hoses and making that dark asphalt base into a nice bright surface to help battle those sunny days.




The Town of Slave Lake has 4 free to use Outdoor Ice Rinks located across the community. These rinks are typically in service from mid November to early March, and are always in great skating condition.

These rinks are all built and maintained by community volunteers working in cooperation with the town. The Slave Lake Ice Patrol or SLIP as they are known in the community work countless hours to service these rinks every year.

While partially supported financially by the town of Slave Lake, SLIP fundraises each year for operating expenses and upgrades to equipment.

For more information about SLIP see our short 2 minute about video on YouTube at



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