I would like to nominate the Five Islands Athletic Association of Five Islands, NS for putting many many nights of flooding and many days of clearing snow to give our community members a place to get active!!



  A late night snow skate! 

Ingonish Out Door Rink, Ingonish Beach NS 




I would like to nominate Tim Boyd for exemplary service in maintaining the Wallace N S community rink. He snow blows & floods the outdoor rink numerous times every winter.


I would like to nominate Tim Boyd from Wallace, Nova Scotia.  Tim is a wonderful man who selflessly volunteers his time to ensure that the community of Wallace is able to enjoy the community rink each year.  The winter activities are limited in this little village so this rink is very important.

I would like to nominate Tim Boyd in Wallace NS for his dedication in keeping the Wallace community rink running. He works long hours snow blowing & flooding the rink year after year.

I would like to nominate Tim Boyd whose tireless efforts and cold nights have made it possible for persons young and old to enjoy an outdoor rink in Wallace N.S.

Where to start when talking about such a wonderful human?! We are from Wallace which is a small village in Nova Scotia and it takes up my Dad's entire heart. He loves this village so much and it show in many way. "You can travel the world but you'll never find a place as beautiful as Wallace" he says often. He will be 66  March 25th, and works so hard that my 31 year old self just can't keep up to him when I try to help. His passion and dedication to any task he takes on, plus his selflessness and drive are inspiring. He creates a huge wonderful outdoor rink every year. Without pressure or payment, in the worst weather (-30°), just for locals to enjoy something magical or young children to learn how to skate. I am proud of him everyday, but when he does these huge gestures of love, for strangers; for the love of Wallace, I'm sure my Mom can see our hearts glow from heaven. He is one of a kind and his people adore him. Thanks Dad, this year was the best yet! (I think I say that every year) "87 steps one trip down the rink." (As he has mentioned) 66 years old and moving faster and faster. TIMMY BOYD we should change your middle name to Wallace. 



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