The town of Kings Point in Newfoundland, has an outdoor public skating rink located behind the K-12 school. I am a teacher at Valmont Academy, and our grade 6/7 class is currently planning a winter classic for March 5, 2022, to help raise funds to build a covering over our rank to protect from the elements, as our weather can be quite harsh. They are ultimately trying to raise enough to also purchase a Zamboni, and while I’m supporting them in reaching for the stars, I’m also trying to reach out to organizations that can help them achieve their goal. 

This rink is used by all community members regularly. It is flooded by our fire hall, and the locals take care in cleaning the ice whenever necessary. Our school uses the rink often, for spirit days with school wide hockey games, and to curl in phys Ed class. 




I would like to give a shout out to the city of Mount Pearl, NL for maintaining some ODRs and helping the community push through those lost days without the rink and our hockey families.

A bunch of us hit one of the outdoor rinks in Mount Pearl at 9am one Saturday and really enjoyed the opportunity to finally get a skate and shoot a few pucks. 

So sticktaps to the City of Mount Pearl Recreation Department and CARHA for keeping the ODRs alive within our communities. It truly takes a village . . . Or a hockey community.




The Town of Pasadena has been operating an outdoor rink for decades.  While the weather can be very challenging, our dedicated staff continue to work hard keeping the rink cleared and flooded with a fire hose as much as possible.  When the weather cooperates, the rink is a popular spot for both the young and the young at heart. 





The Town decided that promoting persons of all ages and abilities to get outside and enjoy a winter pastime was a safe way to offer activity during a difficult time (the province of NL was into a pandemic wave, many extracurricular closed or limited).  The mild winter weather in the province delayed the start, with high winds causing damage to the liner before the rink was even in operation. Staff and council rushed with a local company to get a new liner installed and with a cold front coming, had staff work round the clock to get it prepared. The excitement for the weekend launch and feedback was very positive.

One remark was that it provided a space for a child to skate whom was nervous of a rink setting. Even on blustery days this week families have used the rink. Check out the rink!



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