If there is one positive thing that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought, it is that it has allowed families to enjoy winter like never before. One of our goals in the community is to include people who are less fortunate to enjoy activities on an outdoor rink, free of charge. To get our youth and seniors moving. 



   Durham Bridge  

I started building this ODR when Covid shut down hockey abruptly in March 2020.  I cleared all the land by hand even!  Fast forward to this year and after investing in someone to even the surface this past summer (2020's rink was a disaster!), we have a pretty fantastic ODR!   As our local arena was shut down due to mechanical issues, we were able to keep playing in true Canadian fashion!   We have a Mom group come play, a local team and even a little girl who got to try out the new goalie gear she got for Christmas with her Mom taking shots. 




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