SummerSkates is a proud partner of CARHA Hockey and the exciting return of the CARHA Hockey World Cup in 2023.  A natural connection with a unique hockey product for our members as SummerSkates offers sandals and beverage holders made with real hockey laces that can be further customized with real jersey twill premium logos to allow any team, event, or company to walk the talk off the ice every day.  The company is approaching 500,000 pairs sold and over 6,500 custom logo orders in less than a decade, operating as a small family business with a primary staff of high school and university students to take SummerSkates around the world.

One of the biggest highlights of the SummerSkates story is their annual % of ALL Sales pledge to Princess Margaret's Cancer Centre's "Road Hockey To Conquer Cancer" fundraising campaign.  Over the past decade driven by customer purchases have contributed over $100,000 to support research to find cures or better treatments for cancer patients. In 2022 leading into October Breast Cancer Awareness Month SummerSkates decided to further help the cancer awareness effort by offering significantly reduced pricing on our Signature Pink Lace SummerSkates aligning with the #1 cause of Cancer in breast cancer.  This has been well received and brings happiness to all the staff seeing the Pink SummerSkates being added to the majority of orders through our website.  SummerSkates has decided to continue this special pricing for the future as another way to overtime help ongoing cancer awareness while providing a little comfort for our customers at an incredible value.