We need your help with a post like on Instagram! CARHA Hockey is thrilled to partner with Sticks Together, a program run by Sarah Thompson to bring the sport of hockey to underprivileged communities around the world. Sarah, from Ottawa, ON, is a student-athlete at Syracuse University who plays hockey for the Orange on the NCAA D1 hockey team.

"This year, I have decided to bring Sticks Together to Muizenberg, South Africa and continue my mission of bringing the game of hockey to underprivileged communities around the world!

I am thrilled to announce a partnership with CARHA Hockey as they further expand into community-driven work. Their addition of a new dedicated platform, The Next Stride, enhances that ability to support and highlight these types of community relationships.

For every like this post gets, @carhahockey75 will donate $1 to funding my 2023 Sticks Together project! Please like and share to help support this project! For more information or to donate to the program, visit www.stickstogether.org."

CLICK HERE to view and like the post! For more information on Sticks Together, as well as Sarah's 2022 trip to Argentina and 2023 trip to South Africa, visit www.stickstogether.org.