Beyond the boards, CARHA Hockey members exhibit their passion through meaningful contributions to charitable initiatives and active community involvement. We are proud to share their stories! 

In this exclusive Q&A, Terri from the Lakefield Ladies Hockey Association (LLHA) in Ontario shares more about their participation in an annual fundraiser for breast cancer research.

Intrigued by a post on the Lakefield Ladies Hockey Association’s Facebook Page for gently used bras, we came to learn about Bras Around the Building supporting October's Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Please tell us more about this unique and wonderful fundraiser! 

This is actually the 13th year for this promotion.  The bras are collected and then strung around the building - it was done at 105.1 radio station but, due to popularity, was moved to a bigger location.  Drew Merritt, Merritts Home Hardware donates $1.00 for every bra collected (the campaign page shares that at the end of the campaign, the bras will be turned over to volunteers of the Karanda Mission Hospital, and they will be distributed to women in need in Zimbabwe). LLHA will also be making a donation.

What inspired your participation, and is this the first time the LLHA has gotten involved? 

This is the first time we have been involved.  Our season started early this year and that provided a time span of 3 weeks to collect the bras.  I'm sure everyone in our league has been affected by cancer at some point in their lives, so this was a great opportunity to give back. 

Can you share with us how the response has been so far? 

The collection has ended for the League, and we have 70 bras to donate. In addition, we will also be making a financial donation as well. 

Click here for coverage of the bra drive on Global News.

LLHA proudly presents Merritt Staff with $350 (donated$5/ bra) and 70 bras - See more photos on the LLHA Facebook Page

How do you feel participating in community and charitable initiatives helps build team (or should we say league) spirit?

 As a league, we donate about $2,000 annually to various organizations and charities.  Hospice, Humane Society, Hospital Foundation, and last year, one of the players had a niece who was having to travel to Sick Kids Hospital so we gave the family a monetary donation to help with gas, food etc. 

Are there other things you do together as a league?   

Other than play each week - not really. Throughout the season via our Facebook page and at our year end tournament where we offer ladies who have their own businesses a chance to show case what they do. We have a room upstairs of our arena that they can set up a booth to display what they sell.  

How can others connect with the LLHA?

You can follow us on our Facebook Page - @LLHA2015